ThinkPad WiGig Dock-EU

Part# 40A60045EU-02

Lenovo ThinkPad WiGig Dock - Wireless docking station - HDMI, DP - GigE, 802.11ad (WiGig) - 45 Watt - Europe - for ThinkPad P51s; T25; T470; T570; X1 Carbon; X1 Tablet; X1 Yoga; X270; ThinkPad Yoga 260; 370



Totally wireless, ultra-high-speed docking for your laptop. With ThinkPad WiGig Dock, simply place a WiGig-enabled laptop near the dock and it connects to all of your peripherals effortlessly and instantly without any cables required! WiGig technology transfers data up to 10 times faster than WiFi, the same speed as wired docks. So you can watch your productivity soar, but without wires!

  • Place and go convenience
    Boost your productivity in no time by simply placing a laptop in the proximity of the WiGig Dock and it connects instantly to your devices!
  • Flexible workspace
    Easily place your laptop anywhere you like without cable restriction, no need to fix your computer to your limited desk space for cable connection.
  • Comprehensive resource access
    WiGig Dock provides seamless access to virtually any peripheral including dual HD displays, Gigabit Ethernet, keyboard, USB storage devices, and more.
  • Secure communication
    Protect your content perfectly during device pairing and data transfer with encrypted communication based on Intel WiGig technology.

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