Part# 33L3097

IBM - RDRAM - module - 256 MB - RIMM 184-PIN - 600 MHz / PC600 - ECC - for IntelliStation M Pro 6849, Pro 6868; IntelliStation Z Pro 6866



You can significantly improve the performance capability of your IBM PC 300PL systems with non-parity and ECC IBM high-speed RAMBUS RIMM memory upgrades. The ECC products also enhance performance for the IBM IntelliStation E Pro and IntelliStation M Pro systems. The RAMBUS function enables faster performance than fast page mode (FPM), hyperpage mode (EDO), or the more recent Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) mode memory.
These RAMBUS In-Line Memory Module (RIMM) offerings let you upgrade standard system memory and take advantage of the latest operating systems and applications. The products are available in NP and ECC versions. To optimize the performance of the RAMBUS technology, there is a limitation of 32 devices on a particular channel. The RAMBUS signal channel is a high-quality terminated transmission line as contrasted with memory buses used in previous technologies. Memory sockets not occupied with RIMMs must be populated with "jumper" cards for the signals in the channel to be properly terminated.


Native product specifications.

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Product specifications

Product Description IBM - RDRAM - module - 256 MB - RIMM 184-PIN
Upgrade Type System specific
Data Integrity Check ECC
Lead Plating Gold
Product Type Memory module
Capacity 256 MB
Speed 600 MHz (PC600)
Designed For IntelliStation M Pro 6849, Pro 6868; IntelliStation Z Pro 6866
Memory Type RDRAM (RAMBUS) - RIMM 184-PIN

General features

Capacity 256 MB
Upgrade Type System specific


Type DRAM memory module
Technology RDRAM (RAMBUS)
Form Factor RIMM 184-PIN
Speed 600 MHz (PC600)
Data Integrity Check ECC
Module Configuration 128 x 18
Lead Plating Gold

Les ports

Compatible Slots 1 x memory - RIMM 184-PIN


Package Type Retail

Compatible with

Designed For IBM IntelliStation M Pro 6849, Pro 6868 ¦ IBM IntelliStation Z Pro 6866
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